Picture perfect.

by slutsunlimited

March 23rd 2014

Wilder is 21 weeks old.


The week began with what is usually a big party day for me – St. Patrick’s Day. This year though it consisted of a quick Guinness and a small shot of Jameson, then home to my dumpling of a son. Part of me was glad that the holiday fell on a Monday so I didn’t suffer too badly from feeling like I was missing out on all the fun. Andy worked because as one can imagine, a place named Flanagans gets busy on St. Patrick’s Day. I had a wonderful night at home with Wilder, as he was in a happy mood and we took a few pictures to memorialize his first Irish holiday. I have this tradition of having a drink with my former employer, Jason, on St. Patrick’s Day if he is in town. I knew that he wasn’t in New Orleans, but I texted him anyway to keep up with traditions. I also decided to inquire how his new club was going. He had recently opened up Lucky Pierre’s at 735 Bourbon Street after a long period of the location being completely closed. We had hung out briefly on Mardi Gras day during the adventure that Cody and I shared. I mentioned to him in my text that if he ever needed a day manger I would be interested in the position. He was responsive to that suggestion and told me that he would be in touch. I immediately felt a sense of excitement and fear. I know that I need to find a new job, but change always brings up anxiety in me, even if I know if it is change for the better. I want to be a better parent to my son and a better partner to Andy and I know that this begins with finding a job that makes me hate life a lot less.


On Tuesday I told Cody about my text conversation with Jason. He responded in the way I expected, with depressed indifference. I know that I will really miss seeing Cody every day if I do find another job and while I’d like to imagine that he would come with me, I know he doesn’t have the financial bravery to do so. He does understand my absolute need to find a new path of employment though and I can only hope that if a new opportunity comes to fruition that he would be happy for me. I find myself so frustrated with the negativity at my work. I know that I will always have to deal with unhappy people, I just hope my next job isn’t a company full of them.



Cathy returned from her travels and will be with us for a limited time before she goes home to Texas for a bit. It was so good to see her and I am glad that she is part of our extended family. We moved to our new office suite in the building which was time consuming and annoying. It just goes to show, we  moved to a much nicer office with a lot more space and amenities and everyone was still miserable about the whole thing. I know part of the misery is because it will no doubt be a limited time before we move again. Being a consultant pays well, but the lack of certainty in your financial future is annoying. I was at work on Wednesday night until nearly 10 pm and my cousin stayed until 11 pm. All of that for an employer who doesn’t honor overtime pay. Just another obvious reason I will not be making myself at home in the new office.



Wilder had a revelation this week when he discovered his penis on Thursday. He has obviously touched it before, but not with the intent and interest he exhibited this past week. Now every time I take his diaper off, he immediately reaches for his penis, as if to check to be sure it is still there. I think it’s awesome that he is gaining body awareness. If he is anything like his parents he will have no qualms about nudity.


Amanda helped to ease the pains of moving to a new office by dressing up as the King Cake Baby mascot. It was equal parts terrifying and hilarious. On Friday, Cody, Patrick and I went to lunch at Flanagans. It turned out to be the one day that the cook didn’t show up for his shift and so Andy was kind enough to go in the kitchen and make us food. We had a quick meal and a few beers then headed back to the office for an unproductive Friday afternoon. When we got off work, Amanda and I went to R Bar because our friend Jo was guest bartending there. What was supposed to be one drink turned into quite a few. We had a great time and I felt like it had been forever since Amanda and I went out for a post-work drink. Luckily Andy didn’t have any pressing plans and he was okay with me staying out after work and not coming right home. Later that evening Cathy watched the baby while Andy and I had a dinner date. We went to Slice. We were having a good time until Andy said something that pissed me off, but instead of letting it ruin our evening. I just let it go. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a little better at this whole relationship thing. It’s only taken ten years.


Wilder must have been really happy to have Cathy watch him because he was apparently exhausted and slept nine hours straight for the first time ever. Andy and I both woke up several times to check on him. That’s something I didn’t realize, but even on nights when he sleeps long hours, I still wake to check on him. We had the photo shoot for our Easter picture on Saturday. I had scheduled it so that everyone would be available. I was a little frustrated because I was told that Clint had somewhere to be, so I rushed through the group picnic shot without feeding a cranky baby. Everyone looked quite dapper, and it was an affair to get Lee, Clint, Andy Cody and Cathy all together. Amanda was nice enough to come and snap the group photo. I was able to capture some really great images of us but I didn’t quite get the one shot I wanted. Clint ended up staying the entire time and I was kicking myself in the ass for rushing the picnic shot when I didn’t need to. I was grateful though for the pictures we managed to get.



That night we went to Pauly and Louis’s art-show in the Bywater. Andy, Lee Kyle, Wilder and I had an excellent time looking at the beautiful works of both boys and mingling with our friends. Cody met me there and then Andy dropped him & me off at the R Bar. Daphne was guest bartending on Saturday night so we began drinking there. We left R Bar and went to Lucky Pierre’s so that I could show Cody the place that I was hoping to work at. We caught part of a burlesque show which was entertaining, but it was apparent that the place needed some direction. We left there and headed to good old Flanagans where we had more drinks and some really delicious fried oysters. We probably could have called it a night there, but I wanted to make an appearance at a friend’s wedding reception in the Bywater. We caught a cab and went to Bacchanals where the timing turned out to be perfect. We caught the beautiful bride outside and were able to wish her and her new husband congratulations. Andy happened to be heading out to meet us so he picked Cody and I up and gave us a ride to Allways Lounge. The three of us watched The Dirty Dime Peep Show, which Cody had never seen. It was a filthy, fun time. After that show, Andy went home and Cody & I went to Mimi’s for the final round of drinks of the night. When I got home, I sent Cody a bunch of texts that thoroughly embarrassed me the following day when I looked through them. Sending drunken pictures is my hobby.



As one can imagine I had a horrible hangover today. I attended Ellen’s birthday brunch at Coquette. The food was delicious and the company was phenomenal but the place was absolutely freezing. I had to leave before dessert because I wanted to die and I was a few degrees away from vomiting. Ellen understood. She’s been in my shoes before. I spent the rest of the day lying around feeling awful. Veronica came over this evening so that we could do some preparing for Chris Lane’s birthday roast which happens this coming week. I think we have some really good material. It was lovely to spend an evening with Veronica, even if I was feeling the pains of my private bar crawl last night. Wilder was in a happy mood and he enjoyed having some lovely company as well.