Magic & mushrooms.

by slutsunlimited

March 19th 2014

Wilder is 19 weeks old.


This past week was a whirlwind. Monday began very early with a cranky Wilder who didn’t sleep very soundly on the first night in our hotel suite. He woke at 6 am and instead of going back to bed, we got up for the day. I had plans on going for a Lundi Gras morning jog through the quarter, but walked with the baby over to the French bakery instead and ate too many croissants. I let Andy sleep in with the hope that one of my friends would stop by to visit, but it was a cold and quiet day. When Andy woke he went to the bar and I hung out with Wilder while he worked his way through a few screaming fits. I couldn’t blame him though, as I get the same way when I don’t sleep well. When Andy returned I took a nice long nap and had a serious bout of sleep paralysis, which I used to get rather frequently when I was younger. I blamed this incidence on the probability of ghosts in our hotel suite. Later Andy and I went for a stroll and he bought me a few new dresses, which I was very grateful to receive. Lee Kyle came over later with his sewing machine to make some last minute fixes to our costumes for the next day. Andy went to play a show at Allways and I had every intention of going until I realized that it was fucking freezing outside and didn’t want to walk any further than across the street to the bar. I did just that and ended up staying out later than I had planned. Andy met up with me after his show and by the time the two of us made it back to hotel, I was being drunken –bitchy about being hungry. I caught on quickly to my mistake, stopped being so ridiculous and instead of eating something, we had sex and went to bed.


Waking up on Mardi Gras day I discovered that it was raining and really cold. In the mid-thirties cold. In fact this was the coldest Mardi Gras I can remember. At first I was very fearful that the day would be ruined. We all got up around 8:30 and began to put our costumes on. The plan had been to meet the St. Anne’s parade down by Mimi’s, which is something that I do every year. But one step out on the balcony and I knew there was no way I was going to make that happen. Cody showed up a little after we awoke and he hadn’t slept yet, so I sent him up to the bed in the loft. Jennifer Jane stopped by and we had an impromptu photo shoot on the bed in our costumes. I decided that I needed to get my shit together if I was going to enjoy the day, so I had some toast and a beer and ate some mushrooms. Not long after that, my hangover started to catch up with me and the corset I was wearing provided no relief from the nausea I was experiencing. Misty, John and their friends stopped in and I was not very social until I excused myself and went upstairs to throw up. I awoke Cody to the sounds of my vomiting, which I suppose is par for the course on Mardi Gras day. Thank god Misty and her crew had stopped by because they got the party started. Ellen was working at the bar, but her husband Joel brought their daughters and I started to feel much better about the day. Cody got up and we headed over to Flanagans. There were quite a few people there waiting to see our costumes, and I immediately had a cocktail thrust into my hand. What followed was an amazing day of wandering the quarter with Cody, enjoying the mellow high of mushrooms combined with the sweet buzz of good whiskey. I was extremely grateful that Lee Kyle (who is diligently sober) agreed to be responsible for Wilder so that I didn’t have to be on baby duty at all. We went to One eyed Jacks and danced in the VIP section while people watched. We went to Flanagans over and over and (haphazardly) hid in the liquor closet at one point, laughing at our own stupid jokes. We wandered in Jackson Square and lamented the fact that the freezing rain had cleared away all the cross bearing bible-thumpers. We danced in the streets with wandering bands and I made Cody take my picture with two cops (I was dressed as a pig). We went to Monaghans which brought back many wonderful memories for me, and Cody met some adorable Icelandic people who come to New Orleans every year for Mardi Gras. He talked with them for over an hour. We headed down to the Hustler Club and had a cocktail with the owner and his girlfriend and made a cameo in a reality series called Adventures in Boobyland. We held hands and walked fast to stay warm. I made out with a few people and convinced others to make out for my viewing pleasure. Finally after we were very intoxicated, we stumbled back to Flanagans for a final drink and to meet up with one of my friends visiting from out of town. He and his crew came over and we sat on the balcony, overlooking the end of Mardi Gras while eating pizza and talking lovingly. After my friends left, Cody and I both showered and watched a wakeful Wilder while Lee tried to nap and Andy went across the street to the bar. Wilder was wide awake and still ready to party for quite some time which required some Baby Einstein. When Andy returned from the bar around 1 am Cody and I went upstairs and cuddled and slept. I woke around 9 am and joined Andy and Wilder downstairs, feeling better than I expected to be.







Ash Wednesday arrived and we needed to pack up all our crap and get back to the house. I had lofty goals of working a half day, which I laughed about not long after waking. Cody helped us haul everything into the car, then grabbed a cab and headed back uptown. When we got home I unpacked our things and started some laundry while Andy ran to pick us up some take-out. After eating some fried chicken (which is a very rare occurrence), I took a wonderful long nap. I felt a little remorse over my intoxication, which I lovingly call a “shameover” but decided not to waste any energy on it. Sometimes you just need to let things go.



Andy took good care of me on Wednesday and I was ready to reciprocate when he fell ill on Thursday. He started experiencing really bad stomach pains coupled with a slight fever and vertigo. Lee Kyle had Wilder while I was work and when I got home I kept him away from Andy in case his illness was contagious. I called the doctor’s office on Thursday and they called me early Friday morning saying they could see Andy that day. They ended up running a series of tests which determined that he has some intestinal issues that required medication. He was very worn down on Friday after spending all day at the doctors and hospital, so Lee Kyle stayed over and he and I kept Wilder away from Andy once again.


On Saturday Wilder and I got up at 6 am to make the most of the day. We met Dori and her son Paul at the park, which allowed her and me a chance to catch up outside of work. I was surprised at how well Wilder did in the sun, as he generally shows a strong aversion to direct sunlight. Dori gave me a jumperoo that had belonged to a friend of hers. When I got home, after cleaning it thoroughly, I put it together. Wilder loved it. He actually made his first “real” laugh that day while watching the dogs from the new perspective it provides. He finds the dogs very entertaining. If he gets upset I will often take him outside and hold him while I play catch with Kara. He giggles when she brings the toy back and sits waiting for me to throw it. Free amusement.



The week ended with Andy finally feeling better. I was able to escape the house alone and go for a jog at City Park. When I returned home Andy, Lee Kyle and I took Wilder to check out the newly opened Crescent Park on the riverfront. It was a beautiful day but I should have worn sunscreen. Andy felt well enough to watch Wilder for the afternoon, which allowed me the chance to meet up with Amanda for a few beers. We went to Marie’s and enjoyed the weather while drinking with a few other day-timers. We then called Cody and had him meet us for lunch at Santa Fe. After a few pitchers of margaritas we were feeling great. We went for a stroll through the neighborhood and ended up encountering a fellow who lives in the attic apartment of the Luling Mansion, home of the old Jockey Club. He told us the history of the beautiful building, including his own personal, charming story. After that awesome diversion Cody and I headed back to my place, and Amanda went home to hang out with her husband. We decided to bake a cake for the evening’s viewing of the season finale of True Detective. I must admit that Cody is far better baker than I (although most people are). The cake turned out to be delicious, and we even hid a golden king cake baby in it (in reference to the yellow king) which Lee Kyle got in his slice. The boys and I all quieted down to take in the episode and Wilder fell asleep calmly on my shoulder. It was a perfect night.