Gold flake.

by slutsunlimited

March 2nd, 2014

Wilder is 18 weeks old.


This past week started out pretty fucking shitty. As most of the people in my life are aware, I don’t typically enjoy my job. Before Wilder was born I was working on a project on the West bank that was less than fulfilling. When I was first sent to that location I was told it would be for a project lasting up to a year. Two years later I was able to escape, mostly because the budget was being reduced and my pregnancy required more frequent doctors’ visits, which made working downtown much more simple and time effective. I returned to work four and a half weeks after our son was delivered. I would have liked to take more time off but having absolutely no benefits whatsoever and whopping hospital bills, I didn’t have much of a choice. I’ve been working at the downtown office since then on a different project that is not exciting either. But the commute is easy and the hours are more flexible. This project is coming to an end soon.  My boss came into town this past week which doesn’t happen very often. As he was strolling past my office he very casually said, “When you finish that, you’ll be going back to the West bank.” There was no discussion, not even much of a hello. Needless to say I lost my shit. I told him that I would consider the West bank if it was there or unemployment. I wanted to say a few other choice words but restrained myself. I’ve been working for this company since 2007. I’ve never had a paid day off, no health benefits, and no incentives at all. What the fuck have I been doing? As frustrating as the moment was, and the anger that seethed in me the rest of the afternoon, it catalyzed me to look at my career and begin to implement some changes. I have become addicted to the monetary aspect of my job. It hasn’t ever fulfilled me in any other way. I understand that money is important but isn’t personal happiness also worthy of consideration? I’m way too responsible and considerate to walk out on a job, but if I wasn’t I would have said “Fuck this shit” and left without looking back. When I spoke to Lee Kyle about the day’s events, he told me that I should have just quit because life is too short to spend eight hours a day, five days a week feeling completely unsatisfied. I have begun planning a proper escape because at this point it is inevitable.


On the bright side of things, our son is growing and becoming more adorable by the day. He turned four months old this past week and even started using a different (less complicated) type of bottle. He’s been enjoying trying new baby food and it’s adorable to watch his expressions when he tastes something for the first time. He seems to prefer vegetables over fruits, so maybe he will have more of my dietary habits. With Mardi Gras quickly approaching, I feared I would have moments where I felt like I was missing out on some of my old traditions. But honestly I would rather be home with Wilder most nights. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here for so long or because I’m getting older. Either way, I’m thankful to get to spend any extra time with him that I can.


Andy’s birthday was the past week and he turned 39 years old. We celebrated first by having really hot sex in the shower. I’ll be honest, since Wilder has come along I’ve definitely dropped the ball when it comes to spicing up our sex life. We haven’t been very adventurous, mostly because one of us is always exhausted. I realized that I really need to work on bringing back some of the excitement. The sex is always good. Really good. But it has become very predictable which is not either of our styles. I was reminded of this that night. I won’t go into too much detail but let’s just say we used to rarely have sex in bed and now it’s the #1 spot. I can’t pursue other sexual relationships if I’m not giving ours my absolute best. So if you need me, I’ll be browsing porn to up my techniques.


After sexy shower time we went to dinner at Oxalis in the Bywater. The food was delicious and they have a really great selection of whiskey. We ran into some friends there and it was a great start to the celebratory evening. We then went to Flanagans where we enjoyed a king cake I had ordered from Domenica. It was filled with bananas, caramel, mascarpone cheese, pecans and then covered with more caramel and gold flake. It was fucking delicious.  I had a few drinks with Andy and our friends and then bowed out around midnight because I had work the next day. Andy was out until very late and he got pretty wasted. He rarely ever drinks so I felt bad for him knowing the hangover he would be having. At times I get annoyed with Andy’s lack of pageantry. I don’t have a single photo of him from his birthday night.


I knew that Mardi Gras weekend had rolled around because I got my first drunk-dial from a good friend who was having a hard night. I never mind being the recipient of these types of calls, because god knows I’ve made so many in my lifetime. In fact, that’s where the name “Slutsunlimited” comes from. When I used to drunk dial my best friend Jackie years ago late at night, she would answer by saying that instead of “hello.” It stuck. I’ve always felt sluts should be limitless.


On Saturday I met Dori, her husband and some mutual friends at Flanagans. We planned on some quality day drinking which is generally a good time. Andy went with me and wasn’t drinking so that he could drive. Not long after we arrived (and right after I did a car-bomb) Andy realized that he had fucked up the schedule and needed to stay and work for a while. This meant I had to stop drinking, have a few glasses of water and wait at least an hour before walking back to the car. I don’t drink and drive. I had in my past when I was younger and less seasoned, but now that is something I won’t do. So my day drinking was cut short but it probably saved me from having an awful headache.


We finished this week by prepping to stay in a suite in the French Quarter for the next few days of Mardi Gras. We packed up all our stuff, which now consists of way too many baby gadgets and headed on down to the hotel. We will be staying right across the street from Flanagans until Wednesday. I was very excited to have the hotel room but also nervous about Wilder’s reactions to his new surroundings. Also the place might be haunted, so there’s that. Tonight was very nice, though. Lee Kyle stopped in and visited with Wilder. I went over to the bar and made out with one of my new crushes who happened to be there. Then Andy and I cuddled together, and actually slept the whole night together in the same bed. I’m very excited about this coming week and Mardi Gras.