Hurry up & wait.

by slutsunlimited

May 29th 2013

14 weeks pregnant.



We submitted our inspection response to the seller and after a few days of nail biting and counter offers, we came to an agreement. It looks like we are definitely moving forward with the house! This is super exciting, but the process certainly takes time. As they say, hurry up and wait. Andy & I met with a general contractor in order to show him all the things we would like to fix/improve on the house and he is working on a quote for us. I am nervous about how soon I’ll need to spend quite a bit of money, but I also know that I really like to live comfortably. I am taking out a 203K loan on top of my mortgage in order to do some of the repairs, most importantly add central air/heat. I just can’t do window units, especially in this particular house which has four separate levels. The lay-out is very interesting and I’m honestly surprised the last owners hadn’t already switched to central air. They also don’t have two spoiled dogs that are never left in a hot house. I wish Brando & Harlow could get jobs, or at least I could claim them on my taxes.

If you ever want to humble yourself, go maternity clothes shopping. If it hadn’t been for Amanda joining me on the excursion, I would have given up almost immediately. I’m not sure who designs most maternity clothes, and I’m no fucking fashion designer myself, but the options are pretty slim (no pun intended). I half-heartedly modeled some of the clothes for Amanda, which resulted in responses such as “I really DO NOT like that either.” Thank God for honest friends. At our second stop on the way to the register, I calmly stated, “When we get in the car, just know that I am going to cry. Just expect it.” I finally relented and bought some regular-people summer dresses and called it a day. Honestly though, who the fuck wants to spend $60+ on pants with an elastic sleeve as a waist? Ridiculous.

I have been trying to up my exercise routine since I have been feeling so much better, and I don’t want to grow completely out of all my clothes. I don’t really feel like I have a very big belly yet, but my hips and ass have definitely gotten bigger. This wouldn’t be such a problem if they weren’t supersized to begin with. I know that adding dairy back into my diet (I was vegan before I got pregnant) has certainly added to my weight re-distribution. Fucking Greek yogurt. It’s delicious but every container goes right to my ass.  I have been walking as much as possible after work. Andy and I took a few lovely strolls through the Marigny and Quarter this past week. I commented to him about how even though we are only going to be less than 5 minutes away, I am going to miss being able to just walk out my door and be so near the Quarter. I was getting pretty sentimental one night and feeling a bit depressed. Luckily that night I was woken by two gay men who decided to have a very drunken heart to heart discussion on my porch at 3:30 am. I listened for about 15 minutes, but after one gentleman repeatedly pointed out his friend was a horrible drunk who liked to manipulate others, I got bored and politely asked them to move to the next stoop. They kindly obliged. There is something to be said about good manners.

I took a walk to Flanagan’s Pub last Friday because both Ellen and Andy were working. It was Ellen’s first night back to the bar since having Juniper and she had quite a welcoming committee. Ellen continues to be a rock star. Juniper is only 6 weeks old and she is already back to teaching yoga and now back to bartending. She looks great and is still hilarious to be around. I can only hope that I am able to get my shit together so quickly after having this baby. She gives me hope and her sense of humor about her children and parenting in general is priceless.

Misty and I have his thing where we take each other to different exercise classes, preferably ones we either know little about or would typically not necessarily try. This past weekend she took me to a class at Barre 3. I will completely admit I was initially uncomfortable by the student body which consisted solely of uptown women in lululemon workout couture. I of course showed up pregnant in sale-rack yoga pants and a stained wife beater. Hey, it was 8:30 am! Luckily what was lacking in student diversity was made up for in good instruction. The class was a bar/yoga/pilates hybrid and while I was completely capable of doing all the exercises, some of them kicked my ass. Isometrics are not something that I have the motivation to do on my own, so for that reason alone, I would totally take a class there again. In the meantime I need to come up with a retribution class for Misty. I adore my friends.

Speaking of adoration of friends, I also had a lunch date with Jackie and Daphne over the weekend. It is a complete rarity for the three of us to get together during the day (and sober). We had an amazing time and being in their company reminded me of just how many awesome people my baby is going to have in its life. While I am really excited about the baby and most of my friends share in my excitement, it is nice that it is not the only thing that dominates our conversations. I’ve learned the hard way that there are some people that I just adore talking “baby” with and others that I try to avoid like the plague. Everybody has an opinion, and it is true what they say, when you are pregnant everyone feels compelled to tell you there opinion about babies and child rearing. Thank God my dearest friends are so entertaining and lighthearted. I know of a few good friendships that have been destroyed by pregnancy, as we pregnant ladies can sometimes be just a tad irrational.