What sweet moves you have.

by slutsunlimited

May 1st 2013

I have been immensely thankful that my morning sickness has abated a bit. It’s not entirely gone, but I would say it affects me less than 50% of the day, so that is a vast improvement. Mood swings have been a new pregnancy side effect, and there are days when I feel terribly sorry for my co-workers, most of whom have no idea I’m pregnant. I can only assume that they figure I have gone off some meds, or given up completely on yoga and meditation. Perhaps the latter, since I’m beginning to see a difference in my body. At this point, I’ve only gained 2 pounds, but my waist feels significantly thicker, and my pants are a bit uncomfortable to button. I know at some point I will have to break down and go shopping for dreaded maternity clothes, but I’m hoping to hold out as long as possible.


Regarding the growth of the little one, we had our first ultrasound and that was an awesome experience. The midwives don’t do ultrasounds in their office so we were sent to the OB/GYN group in Touro that they work with. I invited both Andy & Lee Kyle to join me and was hoping the doctor performing the ultrasound wouldn’t have a problem with two men attending. We were scheduled with Dr. Von Alman who turned out to be an exceptionally sweet and informative. When my name was called at the appointment I made sure to clear with the nurse that my entourage would be allowed. She said it would be no problem, and then escorted us to a tiny room with an ultrasound machine. She immediately placed a rubber sheath and a healthy dollop of KY on the internal ultrasound wand (which looks similar to a dildo). Lee Kyle and I both immediately questioned if that was going to be used. She explained that pregnancies younger than 10 weeks required this type of ultrasound. I explained rather quickly that I was 10 weeks and 3 days. She said that an abdominal ultrasound would probably be fine. After she walked out, Lee Kyle and I joked about how he has never seen me naked. Andy tried to assert that even if they had to use the wand-dildo, it would be no big deal, but Lee Kyle and I found it funny. I then posed for ridiculous pictures with it.


After about 15 minutes of talking and playing seek and find games on Andy’s iPad, the doctor walked in. He didn’t even bat an eyelash at the two tattoo-covered men who were taking over the majority of space in the room. He introduced himself and proceeded to go about with the standard abdominal ultrasound. He quickly located the baby and began explaining everything to us. He pointed out which ovary had delivered the egg that was fertilized and he measured the size of my uterus and identified my cervix. I was fascinated with all the imagery and information. He then made sure both Andy & Lee Kyle had a clear view of the monitor as he began to zoom in on the baby. In my experience, all early ultrasound pictures look like a fuzzy Mr. Peanut and ours was really no exception. But the amazing thing is that while we were watching the screen the baby began to rapidly move its arms and kick its legs. It then began to cover its tiny little head with its hands. We were all so amazed and delighted, and even the doctor commented, “This little baby is great.” I’m sure he tells that to all the girls who show up with two guys.


After the ultrasound we brought Lee Kyle back to his work before Andy & I headed in for our second appointment with the midwives. We were all over- the- moon with how cool the ultrasound had been. I had expected it to be “special” in the sense that it was the first look at our developing baby, but I didn’t know it was going to be so exciting and interesting. We were all grateful that Dr. Von Alman turned out to be such a nice guy. Andy & I arrived at the midwives office and were quickly seen by Esther. She went over some previous test results, which all turned out to be fine and then gave me a brief physical exam. She felt my uterus and determined that everything was going as it should. She read over the notes from Dr. Von Alman and looked at the ultrasound photos and listened as we aptly described the baby’s movement. She then used a fetal Doppler monitor so that we could hear the baby’s heartbeat. Andy & I were literally mesmerized at how strong and fast the tiny heart was beating. It was a beautiful moment, and I was so glad that he was there to share it with me. I don’t know what was more exciting, the ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat.

After our second appointment we had a quick lunch and then hustled to meet Adrienne, our realtor, in Holy Cross. We had scheduled to look at 6 different places in various areas of the city. It was a bit trying for me to pick six places that I felt were worth visiting, mostly due to the severely unfortunate/unprofessional pictures people and agencies place of houses on the internet. I’m convinced some photographers smear their lenses with Vaseline or practice their hoola-hoop routines while shooting these homes. And don’t even get me started on fucking fish-eye lenses….here’s the master bedroom, this photo makes it look larger than the 7’X7’ it actual is. We had a long afternoon/evening of visiting several homes and neighborhoods and actually hearing Adrienne exclaim, “I would NEVER sell you this house.”  But amongst all the homes that weren’t for us, we found one that has potential. Yes, serious potential. And right now, that’s enough.