Under the knife.

by slutsunlimited

April 3rd, 2013

Harlow’s surgery went very well. She was released the same day and came home very loaded and confused. It doesn’t appear to be very fun for dogs to be high on pain-killers. She wandered around the house crying and disoriented and I felt so helpless and sad. I suppose in a way it is good practice for having a baby, since neither the baby nor the dogs can tell me exactly what they need. I did my absolute best to make her as comfortable as possible and only left the house for two hours in a span of nearly forty-eight. Dr. Allison called later in the week and confirmed that it was best to have the tumors removed, but that hopefully she won’t require any further surgeries.


I reluctantly had to resign from my position at Siberia this past week. Daphne, my dear friend and one of the owners, has known since the very beginning about my quest to conceive and understood that (hopefully) the time would come when I would have to stop working. I loved my bi-monthly shift there, but unfortunately the cigarette smoke is not something that I am willing to deal with. There was a bit of a mix-up concerning the date of my final shift and I felt awful that I was potentially leaving them in a bind. I offered to work one last time, although I really didn’t want to (hello, nausea) but Daphne refused to allow me to. After I left the bar I cried brokenheartedly because I am super emotional and because I never like to feel as if I have let someone down. It all worked out fine as these things often do, but I am sad to give up that shift (and the fun that came along with it.)There is a unique camaraderie that comes along with working at a bar in New Orleans, and I’m certainly going to miss that.


 A few mutual friends threw Ellen a baby shower at Maurepas Foods on Saturday morning. It was a small group of women, most of who have babies/children. A few short months ago I would have been drowning out their birth stories with several delicious hand-crafted cocktails, but alas I found myself very intrigued. The only person there who knew that I am pregnant was Ellen, so hopefully I didn’t come across as too much of a creeper when I kept asking super personal questions. “What did you do with the placenta?”   “So you actually shit yourself…”


One thing is certain, most new mothers LOVE to tell you these stories. They range from heartwarming to completely fucking terrifying. But they always end with “It was soooo worth it.” I have to wonder, am I the only woman who thinks they may not feel this way after the birth? One word: episiotomy.  Google image search that bad boy and then tell me it’s soooo worth it. I was fortunate enough to shoot with a photographer friend Dave Rodrigue in early March, so at least I’ll have some beautiful photographs of what my lady bits looked like before baby. “No, I swear, my vagina used to look like this…” (pulls out photo). It’s the little things.

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We had our third annual Easter party at Andy’s house on Sunday. This was the first year that I wasn’t able to indulge in alcohol, and I still managed to have an excellent time. I love the Easter party because most people show up in their Sunday best complete with baskets and bonnets. We had an Easter egg hunt which delighted the children and (intoxicated) adults alike. Lee Kyle dressed as the Easter bunny again this year and I took photos of all the guests sitting on his lap. I am always grateful for the amazingly diverse friends that I have, but when I photograph them naturally having a good time I can’t help but fall in love with each and every one. It was a bit difficult to keep the baby a secret from everyone, but luckily no one poured me a shot all day. I can’t wait to break the news though; the shower is going to be insane.


In the midst of all the exciting things that have been happening in my life, I recently discovered that a dear friend of mine has to have surgery. Currently there are some questions concerning the exact diagnosis, but cervical cancer has been mentioned. After a quick Google search I realized the severity of this potential diagnosis. Early detection is a huge factor in overcoming this disease. Situations such as these, when they hit close to home, truly put things into perspective. Thankfully this woman is one of the most positive, compassionate and loving individuals that I know. The way she has handled this situation is beyond admirable. I am sending her nothing but love and empathy and I am praying that she is able to overcome whatever the situation, with the grace and beauty that she has shown thus far.

Our first appointment with the midwives will be happening very soon. I am looking forward to meeting them. Lee Kyle is accompanying me so I know we will have a good time regardless. I’m not sure if it’s the hormones, but lately I just feel so lucky and fortunate to share my life with such wonderful people. Whatever it is, I hope this feeling lasts.