Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

by slutsunlimited

March 27th, 2013

So I’m pregnant now. I’m still getting used to that reality. We haven’t told many people because I want to wait until I am nearly twelve weeks before we make any large announcements. I have a serious fear of miscarriage. I find myself over-analyzing ever little sensation in my abdomen and checking the toilet immediately after I pee for any drops of blood. I’ve had several close friends who have experienced miscarriages and I know that it is a common reality. My dear friend Ellen gave me some very useful advice. She told me to try to relax and understand that I cannot control what is happening in my body at this point. Sounds simple enough, but I might be just a bit of a control freak.

The boys are both really excited. Lee Kyle has continued his enthusiastic support and Andy has made amazing strides in not only accepting the baby but actually being genuinely happy about it. I am amazed by Andy’s love and dedication to our relationship. He truly is an extraordinary person. I am happy to know that our baby will have such a diverse support system and this helps to quell some of my fears about the future. I immediately told my closest friends about the pregnancy, because many of them have been following this journey from its conception (I’m clever), and are invested in the outcome. A good portion of my closest friends do not have children and they are excited that they can live vicariously through me, without the lasting responsibility. I can only imagine the attention this little one is going to receive.


As far as personal changes, I’ve been increasingly exhausted lately. I feel like Sleeping Beauty, with perhaps less of the beauty aspect. So far this has been the only major change that I’ve noticed, although my skin is becoming more difficult. I know that I have a plethora of changes to look forward to, so I’m happy if they continue coming on slowly. One thing is for sure, this pregnancy has quickly put things into perspective.  I’m not touting it as a solution for all women, but it certainly has been a catalyst in my effort to “get my shit together.”  I really want to welcome this baby into a happy, healthy home. I’ve been trying to determine exactly what that means.

I called my insurance company under the impression that they would not be covering any part of my maternity care. It was explained to me years ago when I purchased my health insurance that most private insurance plans only offer maternity benefits with a significantly higher premium. Add to this that in order to qualify for the benefits, your plan must be in place for over one year BEFORE you get pregnant. I opted out of this and therefore expected to be screwed. Low and behold, due to the Health Care Reform Act, my insurance company now pays for 44% of my prenatal care and covers some required tests at 100%. I could have kissed the guy on the other end of the line when he told me this. Sad news is that no ultrasounds are covered and none of the super expensive optional tests recommended for women closer to 35 years of age (is your baby a dragon?) are covered either. Nevertheless, I’ll take the savings where I can get them. I decided to go with the pair of midwives that several women I know have used and loved. I made an appointment with them for the beginning of April. Then I promptly called Ellen to ask her what I should expect. I decided it would be best to ask Lee Kyle to accompany me there, because they would want some family history information that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to provide. Anyhow, I want all of us to be comfortable with the person (people) who will potentially be delivering our baby.

Just as I was mulling over my savings and potential costs of pregnancy alone, it was determined at Harlow’s yearly checkup that she would need a minor surgery to remove some potentially malignant tumors on her back. Her and Brando’s yearly checkup, vaccinations and 6 months’ worth of flea and heartworm prevention cost about $825.00 The surgery was estimated to be an additional $600.00 Honestly  I had no choice though, Harlow’s health is virtually priceless to me. Although it gave me some serious financial anxiety, I immediately scheduled the surgery. I am praying that this one surgery will be all she needs and that she isn’t seriously ill. My dogs are my first children, as lame as that may sound to some. No, I don’t dress them in ridiculous clothes or have a doggy stroller (they would never fit) but I am completely guilty of anthropomorphizing  them. I kiss and hug them all of the time and they both sleep in the bed with my every night. I have never lived with Andy and in the several years of us being sexual partners, we have slept an entire night in the same bed probably less than 40 times. We have a very healthy sex life, but when it comes to actual sleeping, we’d rather be at our respective homes with our dogs.


I wonder how the baby will change things for all of us, pets included. We’ve already decided to have a dog trainer come work with us on proper baby/dog interactions. I’m not too worried about Brando and Harlow as they have never shown any aggression toward children or babies. That being said, one quick look at the internet will convince just about anyone to never leave their baby alone with a dog. It’s all these little things that add up rather quickly once you know that you have nine months to prepare. But right now, I’ve got the health of my Harlow to focus on first and foremost.